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General Equipment Q&A

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From time to time we get approached by companies and individuals who want to work with us in various ways and on various projects, its not always possible or a good fit. However occasionally it does and is. 🙂 We recently had such a request from a site member Barry Woodhouse who loves to digiscope and loves birding. Barry will be sharing some of his images via our website in the forums and groups etc and giving insights to members how they might improve the digiscoping they do 👍 We may also be taking advantage of Barrys digiscoping experience with equipment reviews from time to time and look forward to his contribution to our community. 😎 Barrys first review is going to be of some of the excellent products produced by UK based Feldy Fare Bird Food and we look forward to his comments and hopefully some great images 🤞 We hope you will welcome Barry and enjoy his contributions to our site and that he inspires you to go out birding & digiscoping for yourself. The Focalpoint Team



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