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We love what we do and we love the relationship we have with our customers and we really do appreciate the support they give us. As an independent retailer we can only survive if we have the support of our customers, they are our life blood. 🙂 Its not just about purchasing equipment! Its about community, we really do have a passion for birding & the natural world and we have built a business around this since Tony & Enid Murphy started Focalpoint from the bungalow in the mid 70’s 💕 We have found that over the years the best advert is you! Our customers👍 The recommendations you make to friends, the comments you post on social media, the liking & sharing of our content all have an accumulative effect. Leaving us feedback on the website or in the guest book in the showroom are great ways to show your support and let others know that they will receive great service and value from Focalpoint 🦉 We have built a community of passionate birders, nature lovers and friends over the years and we are look forward to continuing to do so. So please keep us in mind whenever your in need of help, advice or equipment for your birding. Don’t forget to recommend us to friends or colleagues and people you meet whilst out and about birding. You can also help by spreading the word on social media with Likes, shares, comments on the platforms we use 🙂 Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Why not contribute with a post or a blog and really get involved with a growing community of like minded friends on our forums or groups. Lets Get Social 🦉😎👍 However you choose to support us, we really do appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you soon. 🙂 The Focalpoint Team Yvonne #theopticsgirl Paul #thedocbirder Titch #myrealnameispaul (IT support)

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