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Start them young At the weekend we took our grandson Archie who is 7 & granddaughter Millie age 2, for a trip to Mussleburgh and North Berwick for the weekend. Archie is used to using binoculars, he spent a lot of time with me in the shop from been a baby. Millie on the other hand hasn’t been around the optics as much, but she still seemed to know how to hold them and use them, she even spotted a female Eider on the rocks. We saw a few different things but when they’re young it’s best (in my opinion) to let them do it in bite size chunks. Both Archie & Millie enjoyed The Scottish seabird centre, using the cameras to get up close to the Puffin & Gannet colonies, it’s really a great place to visit with children and get them engaged with birds and wildlife. Here’s a couple of pictures of the dynamic duo enjoying a spot of bird watching, and at the Seabird centre. #focalpoint #zeissbirding #rspbpuffin #theooticsgirl

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