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Fred! it's working again.....

We have fixed the Birding League!
Hurry up its working again!!

The Bird League stopped working and members could not access their lists for a few days.

We are really sorry about this and we have worked hard (Andy & The Doc have) to update and move the code and databases so that normal service can resume. :)

All sorts of black-magic has been happening in the background and you should now be able to access this FREE service again. Should you encounter any problems please drop us a line and we will look in to it for you.

Our web wizard Andy has said that if anybody has a problem logging in with a password fail error then simply resetting your password via the link should get you up and running again.

We also took the opportunity to port over all the other features of our social website like the on-line repair booking system etc and these should now work more quickly and smoothly.

Again if you should encounter any issues simply send us an email or use the contact forms on the website to let us know.

You can find the birding league tables here...

Happy Birding.

The Focalpoint Team

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