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Swarovski Digital Guide 8x25 Monocular

Swarovski Digital Guide 8x25 Monocular


Swarovski dG Digital Guide with automatic animal identification, documentation & sharing.

DISCOVER NATURE Learn more about the wildlife you spot. The dG helps you to identify birds andother animals on your own. With the simple push of a button, your sightings are transferred to your smartphone, your Merlin Bird ID app, or the dG Mammals app for automatic identification.

TREASURE MOMENTS Seamlessly observe, photograph and track your wildlife encounters. With 8xmagnification power, you won’t miss a thing. Store your images and videos inthe SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app to preserve your special moments.

SHARE THE JOY Share your discoveries with others. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot allows several of your companions to follow your sightings by live stream. You can also share your adventures on social networks with friends and the worldwide community.


What can I do with the dG?



Find out more on The digital guide a new way of bird identification or watch this video.




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  • Video on Youtube of the dG https://youtu.be/frTBhUrW3cY

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