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In Loving Memory of Enid Murphy  14th July 1947 - 1st July 2018

In Loving Memory of Tony Murphy 15th December 1948 - 25th December 2018


We are Focalpoint Optics Ltd, a family-run & owned business since 1982.

Based in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. With over 40 years of optics experience, you can be sure the advice we give is second to none

Image was taken by staff locally. (c)

Giving Back
Giving Back

We strive for a better, cleaner environment for nature & wildlife. We work alongside charities and local groups to help provide for nature and our environment. 

We believe in doing our part and like to recycle whenever possible and our showroom embraces this ethos with recycled/upcycled displays and fittings being used whenever possible.

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