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Will Focalpoint Price Match

Focalpoint offers a wide range of products via its website, showroom & mail order. We Never GREY IMPORT goods or cut corners and we always go the extra mile to give great service and value. We always try to balance the need to cover our overheads and re-invest in new products and services with the need to offer our customers the best possible value. We belive all our equipment offers great value and is competative and never priced above the manufactures Suggested / Recomended or Minimum Advertised Price. If you should see the same product or products offered at better value than the product or products you would like to purchase from Focalpoint? then please use our Price Match form on this web site or call us on 01925 730399. Provided the product is genuine, available and like for like (Eg New) we will match it provided it is not below our cost price. It is highly unlikely that a reputable dealer would sell below cost and as an Authorised Dealer for all the brands we carry, our relationship with our distributors and brands means we can call on them to support us in meeting any price match request. Please be aware that products sometimes appear on large "Box Shifter" websites and are some times resellers from far flung countries hiding behind the box shifters name to fool you in to buying from them and this is as bad if not worse than GREY IMPORTS. Also from time to time some retailers go out of business and stock is sold off! (for example Toys R Us). In these circumstances it may not be possible for us to Price Match a product and as much as we would love to keep your loyalty some times we have to let you purchase elsewhere. Please don't be affraid to ask us to price check or match any product we sell. The Focalpoint Team.

Do I need to become a site member to view the products?

You can browse any products that we have listed in our webshop, however once you start the checkout process you may be required to login. Our web shop is quick & easy to use and offers a great user experience, however the down side to that is that web bots & fraudsters try to take advantage of a non login process. As a small family business this would be distracting and possibly very costly! ultimatly damaging to our business. A simple login with an email & password of your choice not only helps us defeat the bots and fraudsters but ensures you of a great user experience. All data protection and GDPR requirements are followed for your peace of mind. The Focalpoint Team.

Focalpoint Commission Sales

Focalpoint is happy to sell your equipment via its showroom and website on a commission basis. (We also consider part exchange of equipment) We have a busy website and quality used equipment is in high demand. We operate an easy to undrerstand commission structure as follows. All equipment will be sold at an agreed price and you will receive 75% of the selling price. Focalpoint will cover all selling costs and any tax (VAT etc) on the whole sale from its commission. If you are purchasing new equipment from Focalpoint and wish us to sell your old equipment on commission then you will receive 85% of the selling price. Focalpoint will cover all selling costs and any tax (VAT etc) on the whole sale from its commission. All of the above will apply in the absence of any other agreement in writing.

Why purchase from Focalpoint

We offer a great experience and outstanding service at Focalpoint, either in store or on-line via our website, we are a small family business serving birders and optics users for over 30 years and we know a thing or two about Optics, birding & service. At Focalpoint , it’s no secret that we’re all about Optics. If you’ve shopped on our site before, you’ll know we care about the experience just as much. We believe actions speak louder than words, we show how much we care by the way we do things. Like it being safe and secure to buy from in store and on-line. Or the fact that you can do so knowing that if you have a query, you’ll only have to pick up the phone to have it dealt with quickly and without fuss by a real person. We offer a simple and straightforward returns service, because we want you to be happy with your purchase and we understand you may change your mind. What’s more, we like to offer some extras on the site for you to get your teeth into. Check out our blog for exclusive updates and the latest Focalpoint news, or get inspired by the latrest equipment in our Brand pages. If you enjoy the hobby of birding, why not subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get first access to our great offers sent straight to your inbox or simply down load the app and have us right on your smartphone! Your support and recommendation to others is appreciated and we look forward to serving you for years to come. The Focalpoint Team.

What is Focalpoint Rewards?

Focalpoint has for over 40 years served its customers with outstanding service and value. They in return have come back time after time and also recomended Focalpoint to friends and family who have needed optical equipment. The way that customers research when they are looking for new equipment has changed! Two years ago Focalpoint took a long hard look at how we marketed our business and customer service stood out head and shoulders above all else, customer recomendation goes hand in hand with great customer service and we had this in abundance. However, glossy magazine advertising was bottom of the list and it was unclear if many customers actualy took notice of these big expensive adverts! So we made a decision to cut these back to a more modest level and concentrate our marketing on giving the customers what they really wanted! Service and value. Focalpoint has always given great service and good value but how could we get that message across? This was the spark that ignited the search for an approach to rewarding our loyal customers, whilst at the same time making it easy for them to help us. Focalpoint Rewards is very simple. Customers who purchase from Focalpoint leave feedback about the service and experience they received and also a review about the equipment they purchased. Focalpoint then rewards them for the time and effort in doing so. (Focalpoint Rewards is not a discount) Cutting down on our glossy magazine advertising has allowed us to increase the services we offer via the showroom and website and to also offer our customers Focalpoint Rewards. If you have any questions about Focalpoint Rewards then please dont hessitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

Can I gift my Focalpoint Rewards

Yes you can. Simply have your rewards sent to you as a gift voucher (we add 10% to the value of gift vouchers). You can "Cash Out" (withdraw) your money after 30 days. Or you can simply "Bank It" (Leave it in your account) until you want to make a purchase. The choice is yours. :)

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