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Fin-tastic Friday: A Sea-Sational Adventure with Dolphins and Minkes!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

If you're craving an unforgettable aquatic adventure and love spotting majestic creatures in their natural habitat, let me tell you about my most recent escapade that was simply "fin-tastic!"

I made a last-minute, whirlwind decision to book a wildlife boat trip with @Burgheadwildlifetrips after spotting the details on Facebook one fine Thursday. Lo and behold, there were still a few spots left!

I recalled my friend Linda mentioning her longing for such an outing. So, I excitedly informed her about my plans, and like lightning, she responded! In less than the time it takes to make a brew, she was onboard for this wildlife journey. Isn't it always more exciting to share such incredible experiences with friends?

Now, Burghead was an uncharted territory for me, but hey, it's just a small, fishing port! I picked up Linda at 11.45, with our boat scheduled to cut through the waves at 1 pm. And there we were, early birds, ready for the big adventure at 12.45.

The warm welcome by Barry, the man who masterminds these exhilarating tours, instantly made us feel at home. The best part? The intimate setting of these tours, with a maximum of 10 fellow adventurers on each trip!

No sooner had we left the harbour than the sea started revealing its treasures. Porpoises! Just a few minutes into our trip and already such a thrilling sight! Armed with my trusty Zeiss 8x42 SF’s, I was ready to discover what other marvels were awaiting us.

The seascape was teeming with life. Gulls, Gannets, Razorbills, and Guillemots, though sadly fewer than usual due to a recent bout of bird flu.

And then, there they were - the Minkes! Simply mesmerizing! My camera tried to capture their majestic beauty, but frustration got the better of me. Instead, I found myself mesmerized, observing their grandeur through my binoculars and occasionally snapping a few shots with my phone.

Initially, they were just silhouettes in the distance, but then, one made its move, heading straight towards us. The Minke swam alongside the boat before darting underneath, giving us an exhilarating close-up view. It was as close as you could get without actually taking a dip with them.

Guess what? There was more! Another Minke decided to join the party, and all in all, we encountered about eight of these majestic creatures. It was a spectacle of nature's grandeur that made my heart leap!

Image credit Linda Rogers

Image credit Linda Rogers

As our journey neared its end and we started to head back, Barry got an exciting message. Dolphins! A pod was frolicking not far from the harbour, waiting for us to join the spectacle. Their playful antics were an absolute delight, a sight to behold! They pirouetted, dove, and leapt out of the water, putting on an awe-inspiring display.

So, to all of you considering a visit to the Moray coast, I cannot recommend this trip enough. Sure, nature's no vending machine and there are no guarantees, but we hit the jackpot that day with the weather cooperating and the sea calm as a sleeping baby.

Barry at Burghead Wildlife Trips offer fantastic adventures at very reasonable prices. We dove headfirst into the unpredictability of nature and came out with a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime. It was a "fin-tastic,

" "sea-sational" adventure!

A big thank you to Burghead wildlife trips for a fintastic day

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