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Showroom with a view

We have had a great first week in our new home and visitors have commented on how easy we are to find and how much more room we have. One of our aims was to create a friendly welcoming showroom that reflected our history and encapsulated our non pushy approach to providing customers with optics.

At Focalpoint you can pop in, have a chat, check the latest local sightings, have a coffee, use the loo's and you can also purchase optics!

We don't just have customers, we have a community of friends.

However one question that keeps being asked? "what about the view from the window"

Well, it was a tough decision to make as viewing is important when choosing optics. Also important was easy access for able bodied customers and disabled customers too! Whilst its true you can no longer stand on the first floor looking out over the fields the new showroom has much more to offer for testing optics than we ever had in our old showroom.

We not only have our indoor viewing with close focus testing, we also have a covered porch for viewing when it's raining, We have views of the horse paddock across the fields for long range testing of optics, and if that wasn't enough; we have multiple bird boxes and trees galore in the garden for hours of relaxed testing of binoculars and scopes.

Last but by no means least! We have The Lake!! peaceful and tranquil with insects, dragonflies, birdlife and more!! only a 2 minute saunter with optics in hand and your in the perfect location for testing your intended purchase.

Your also only a 5 minute drive from Marbury Country Park and many other local beauty spots to really put your optics to the test.

Its safe to say that Focalpoint has had the ultimate viewing upgrade!

Here are just a few images to wet your appetite.

The Focalpoint Team.

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