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Discover the Night Sky Like Never Before with Celestron's StarSense AutoGuider.

Discover the Night Sky Like Never Before with Celestron's StarSense AutoGuider *(New)

Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and wished you could explore its wonders more easily and accurately? Celestron, a leading manufacturer of telescopes, has just the solution for you: the StarSense AutoGuider (Item #: 94008).

This revolutionary accessory will transform your stargazing experience by simplifying alignment, improving pointing accuracy, and facilitating sharp, long-exposure astro-images. The best part? The StarSense AutoGuider is compatible with most Celestron computerized mounts and offers a 2-year warranty.

Automatic Alignment: Spend Less Time Setting Up and More Time Observing

Gone are the days of struggling with manual telescope alignment. Celestron's patented StarSense technology enables the AutoGuider to align your telescope to the night sky in just three minutes—no user input is required! Simply press a button and let StarSense detect star patterns overhead, match them to its internal database, and automatically orient the telescope. You'll spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the wonders of the universe.

Precise GoTo: Enhance Your Pointing Accuracy

Celestron's computerized mounts are already renowned for their accuracy, but the StarSense AutoGuider takes it a step further. With Precise GoTo, celestial objects are placed at the center of the field of view, whether you're using a high-powered eyepiece or a small imaging sensor. Say goodbye to endlessly searching for your celestial targets.

Autoguiding: Capture Stunning Astro-images with Ease

Astro-imaging can be daunting, especially when it comes to auto-guiding for long exposures. The StarSense auto guider eliminates the need for a separate auto-guiding camera, guide scope, and computer, making it easy for even beginners to capture breathtaking celestial images. With accurate tracking, your targets will be crisp and detailed, and background stars will appear as sharp pinpoints.

Assisted Polar Alignment: Achieve the Best Alignment Possible

The StarSense AutoGuider's assisted polar alignment feature walks you through an easy, automated process for dialing in the best polar alignment. In under five minutes, you'll be ready to observe or image with increased accuracy.

High-quality 4-element Optical Design

Featuring a unique 4-element optical design by famed optical designer Mark Ackermann, the StarSense AutoGuider boasts sharper optics than other mini-guide scopes. The device also includes an onboard computer and a highly sensitive Sony IMX290-DLL monochrome CMOS image sensor, ensuring exceptional guiding accuracy.

Multiple Ways to Control: Choose What Works Best for You

Control the StarSense AutoGuider with your NexStar+ hand control or CPWI telescope control software via a wired PC connection or WiFi. Compatible with most Celestron computerized mounts, this accessory integrates seamlessly with your existing telescope setup.

Unlock the full potential of your telescope with Celestron's StarSense AutoGuider. Explore the cosmos with ease, precision, and confidence, and capture the beauty of the universe like never before. For more information, visit Happy stargazing!

Pre Order is available, please contact the showroom on 01925 730399 for details.

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