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Ducks & Snails & Puppy dog tails

We had the pleasure of visiting a lovely tranquil nature reserve called Gatley Carr. This is a voluntary organisation, aiming to develop and encourage ecology and the bio diversity of the Carr’s for recreation. Focalpoint is keen to support groups whose focus is on nature/birds and engaging with the younger generation and we are pleased to be able to help sponsor the bird feeding station.

Some of our very good customers and friends, Chris Neild & Les Holmes explained that the local conservation group get very little funding and quite often run short of bird food.

We contacted our local bird food supplier Feldy and they very kindly agreed to match our offer of donating bird seed, food balls, nuts and sunflower hearts.

I took my grandson Archie to have a look round and meet the volunteers at the reserve. After a brief scout around I bumped in to a gentleman who introduced himself and he was the chairman of the group Mr Peter Owen, to be joined later by Pete Phethean, Chris Neild, Les Holmes and Alan Butler (anybody I have missed I do apologise).

Gatley Carr has a tremendous amount of wildlife and areas of great interest to visit, wildflower meadow, stream path, a beautiful dipping pond, wetland Carr and a bird pond to name a few features of this reserve. There are benches as you walk around so you can sit and take a few peaceful moments, to relax and unwind whilst listening to the birdsong.

Gatley conservation group are always looking for willing volunteers. It is a fantastic area to take the children to have a run around have some fun but also to learn about nature and wildlife.

Archie found garden snail & white lipped snail, hover flies and white cheese polypore fungus, easily to name but a few. A lot of the trees have species labels on, this is a small detail, but very educational, he loved it walking round with his binoculars. He was fascinated as he watched Alan stood there shaking his bucket part filled with seed, as the ducks swam in.

We look forward to returning very soon.

If you would like to volunteer please visit their website https://www.gatleycarrs.org.uk/membership/become-a-member

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