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Everythings looking Rosy!

I made the short 17mile drive to Timperley for c.9am on the morning of Sunday 14th October and wasn't disappointed. Within about 15mins of arrival the juvenile Rose-coloured Starling that had been here a couple of days showed on TV aerials in it's usual area. The weather was horrid, but there were areas of shelter under overhanging trees & I was able to keep myself and my optics pretty dry. Quite a few folk were there, lots of birding pals, some of whom had been there for at least an hour and a half before it showed. Maybe arriving later was the best tactic, or maybe I was just lucky1 Everyone who was there and who arrived whilst I was there had great views of the bird, I volunteered up my scope for anyone who hadn't seen it yet or had only used bins and everyone got decent views. We all kept out of the way and got no adverse reaction at all from residents at all, quite the opposite with a few friendly enquiries asking if we had seen the bird yet.

(low res handheld phonescoped record shot attached)

Juv. Rose-coloured Starling

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