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For the past 12 months we have been working on several aspects of the Focalpoint website & Showroom, you have been with us all the way and we would like to say thank you.

We would also like to ask a favor?

We would love your feedback and if possible some reviews?

Simply head over to the website and see what we have been doing ;)

We would love some feedback on the site and also the showroom if you have visited us recently? On the brand pages we have included some review forms so you can leave some product reviews for other customers. Real reviews will allow them to make an informed purchase based on your experience (not the fluffy add speak from marketers).

Simply visit the brand page for the product you wish to review and click on the review link.

Simply leave your review for the product (it only takes a few clicks to submit) and we will make sure your review is connected to that product for future customers.

We value your comments, your feedback will inspire us to improve everything we do.

Thank you in advance and happy reviewing.....

The Focalpoint Team

We would love you to leave your reviews.
Please consider leaving some thoughtful feedback

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Sep 15, 2018

Hi Focalpoint - a couple of months ago I purchased (privately) a Canon 600mm f/4. Unfortunately the tripod head I was using wasn't up to the job off supporting and giving smooth movement with this lens. Having looked at various Gimbal Heads from some very cheap Chinese imports through to the Wimberley Gimbal ( considered to be the Bee's Knees) I settled on a Kenro Carbon Fibre Gimbal and approached Paul at Focalpoint, to see if he could get one for me. True to form Paul was able to get me one. This Gimbal does just what I wanted and offered smooth pan and tilt when using my 600mm f/4 (a Mk1 that weighs 6kg) mounted on a Canon…

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