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Photography without disturbance.

Most weekends find me out somewhere with my photography gear, although whether you'll see me is another matter. Most of my photography is done from hides, where the birds are used to photography. Pikelow Farm near Congleton is my favourite haunt, a series of hides set up with feeders and "props" for photography, also a couple of reflection pools. Whilst most of the birds are those which everyone is familiar with, the photo opportunities are excellent. I also have a portable hide set up at the Cheshire Wildlife Trust's Bickley Farm reserve, great for farmland birds like linnet and reed bunting. Photographing from hides doesn't disturb the birds, but also the birds and you don't get disturbed by members of the public asking what you are doing, dogs flushing the birds and even other photographers trying to get nearer. Further afield I have visited hides specifically designed for otter, pine marten, red squirrel, tawny owl, little owl and osprey. Whilst these latter hides may cost around £100 (or more) a day/night, the results can be worth the wait and cost.

If you want to join me for a photography session in Cheshire at the hides I use, email me at, or ask at FocalPoint and they'll get a message to me.

Tree Sparrow at Pikelow Farm

Green Woodpecker at the Wildlife Photography Dyke in Lincolnshire

Pine Marten in Perthshire - from a hide in a private garden

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