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Wildlife in Cyprus

We have recently come back from a few days away in Cyprus with all our family. Being a family holiday there wasn’t much opportunity to do a lot of bird/wildlife watching, however we did get to meet some of the Cypriot wildlife.

Lots of lovely baby lizards that our grandson thought were amazing & he was very proud to hold, after this little one was rescued from the bottom of the pool.

Lots of larger ones that kept popping along to say hi too.

One guest that wasn’t quite as welcome in my daughters room, was this little fella or not so little!

From the Tarantula family (European Tarantula) they do bite but apparently only like a wasp sting.

She hates spiders, but on this occasion she didn’t scream.

Sat on the veranda admiring the view one evening and we spotted a Cicada really quite fascinating.

Cyprus has an abundance of wildlife, on our way back to the villa after a day out, we saw 2 Hoopoe beautiful birds.

Really looking forward to another trip out there later in the year, a bit of wildlife & birding next time, also possibly the opportunity to do some diving too.

Well worth a visit.

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