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Focalpoints & Rewards

Become an Ambassador for Focalpoint & Join our Rewards program.



Focalpoints are added automatically at the checkout when you make a purchase, provided you have registered as a member.

If you checkout as a guest and then register as a member our system should recognize you (provided you accepted cookies) and update your wallet, If not simply send a copy of your receipt or order number to us by email or chat and we will add the points for you.

You can also turn them into an e-gift card and gift them to someone else. 

The Next Level. Ambassador Rewards.

Register to be considered as an Ambassador. (Link below)

We need a few details to enroll you in the Ambassador Rewards Program.

You'll receive an email if successful, with your unique Ambassador Code so you can start using it straight away.


Ambassador Rewards are in addition to Focalpoints and any other advertised discounts and promotions.

You can use your Ambassador code in combination with other discounts and promotions (excludes coupons/coupon codes).


So for example if a product has £50 off and a free accessory, you will still receive the discount and the free accessory. In addition, you can apply your Ambassador code to get an additional discount; and, your rewards Wallet will also receive Focalpoints based on the price you pay!


You can also share your Ambassador code with friends and family so they can get an additional Ambassador Rewards discount. (You will also receive some points when someone uses your code as a thank you for referring them).

Spread the word & share the good stuff.

Share content, posts, news, reviews, previews, etc, and include your Ambassador code on your social media channels, your blog, via email, YouTube, or anywhere else. Use our content, or you can create your own. (We can tailor content for you if required)

Receive Ambassador Points.

Receive Points each time a purchase is made and your Ambassador Code is used. The more you refer, the more points you can earn. We will send you an email each time your code is used.

The more your code is used, the higher your rank and points!

You'll be recognized as a Focalpoint Ambassador in our member's area.

Bronze - Silver - Gold & Platinum levels are achievable.

Advocate Level for Influencers... Please contact us for details.


Grow your following.

Spread the love. Your referees will receive a discount and earn Focalpoints each time they use your code.

Redeem your Ambassador Points.

Redeem your points against purchases at Focalpoint or gift them!

Check your Ambassador Points balance anytime 24/7.

When you are logged in to the Focalpoint website you can find your Reward Points in your Focalpoint Rewards Wallet.

(Bottom Left of the Focalpoint Home Page)

Call the Focalpoint Team.

If you have any questions about Ambassador Rewards, simply call us on 01925 730399, or email us at or open a chat window. 

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