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We just wanted to thank all our customers for the support they have given us over the last few months of the pandemic.

We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure the safety of you the customer and our staff.

One of the measures we implemented from day one was the requirement of customers to book an appointment!

We have been amazed at how customers have enjoyed this experience as it gives them not only peace of mind, but they also get one to one time with a member of staff.

For the time being as the pandemic continues, we will continue to require customers to make appointments, but we also wanted to get some feedback from customers.

We would really appreciate your feedback if you have a few moments.

Shopping Experience!

  • Are you OK with an appointment system?

  • Do you prefer to just arrive?

  • You don't mind either option!

  • Do you prefer to shop online?

Once you have chosen an option above please leave some comments below if you have any about your experiences or ideas that we might consider.

We strongly believe that testing and comparing optics is the only way to truly get the right instrument for you, our recent experience with an appointment system has just reinforced that belief, and we look forward to your comments and continued support.




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