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Collaboration for conservation

Northwich based family business Focalpoint Optics announces collaboration with Chester based conservation charity Raptor Aid to promote conservation and community engagement.

Focalpoint has been looking after bird watchers and nature lovers for over 40 years with a history of making donations to local charities and organisations. Focalpoint has a wide range of optical and outdoor equipment including, binoculars, telescopes, clothing and more outdoor equipment for nature watching.

Titch (Paul Longley Jr) took over running the business in November 2022 from his mother Yvonne Longley who moved to the North East of Scotland to live around the highlands and be more immersed in nature. When asked Titch said ‘We recognise that what we sell isn’t just a product but an opportunity to connect with nature. Ironically the more we consume and the bigger the business gets the more jeopardy we put our natural world in; so it’s time to take action and set up strategic partnerships with charities and organisations like Raptor Aid.’

The Focalpoint Showroom on the outskirts of Northwich has seen a soft store refit with plans for further development to make customer experiences even better, more immersive and further plans for collaborations.

Titch spoke about the Focalpoint X Raptor Aid partnership: ‘When I spoke with Jimmi from Raptor Aid the passion and love for birds of prey was infectious and I knew that I wanted to be involved both personally and for the business, forming this partnership I hope will allow Jimmi to continue the crucial work that he’s been doing for years now.’

Jimmi from Raptor Aid spoke very fondly of the partnership saying ‘I couldn’t carry out the fieldwork I do monitoring the species I do without the use of decent optics and technology.’ ‘I was refreshed to find out they are as passionate about the environment and helping anyone observe it as I was, and it wasn’t a hard-sell type of shop.’

Going on to speak about the business goals and aspirations Titch said ‘We have big ideas and we’re currently putting plans in place to expand our business so that we can allow more people to connect with nature however they feel most appropriate. Our main priority is to connect more people with nature and that’s it, so if you want to find new ways to connect with nature we’re here to help.

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