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Showroom Information for June 15th

It is our hope that we can start to move towards some showroom activities as the government starts to release the lockdown restrictions on nonessential retail.

The government has indicated that from the 15th of June 2020 that nonessential retail (this includes specialist optics shops & camera shops) can start to reopen provided they meet the Corona Secure level of protection for customers/visitors/contractors and of course staff.

We have been preparing for this level of social distancing and best practice to enable us to transition to a more normal way of retailing for some time.

Unfortunately, we are not blessed with a supermarket sized showroom and in an effort to comply with distancing guidelines we will be operating an appointment system to allow customers to visit the showroom for purchases, Click n Collect, Repair pick up and drop off, Try n Test, etc safe in the knowledge that social distancing will be maintained.

We will limit the number of customers in the showroom at any one time to a maximum of 2 people plus staff (children will count towards this number and must be supervised at all times).

We will not be accepting cash for the foreseeable future and we would recommend downloading our app or ensuring you can access our website if you intend to make a purchase above £ 45.00 so that contactless payments above £ 45.00 can be made.

It will NOT be possible for you to arrive at the showroom for casual browsing!

You MUST make an appointment and if you arrive without an appointment you may have traveled in vain. So please make an appointment either by phone on 01925 730399 or via the appointment system or chat window on our website or App to avoid disappointment.

On arrival at the showroom please follow any instructions visible on the signage or given to you by a member of staff. The door will have a barrier that you must not cross until a member of staff removes it and you will need to alert staff to your presence at the door either by a call, message via the app, or ringing the bell provided at the door.

once in the showroom you may be asked to clean/sanitize your hands, wear a face mask and/or gloves, etc if you wish to Try n Test optics. These will be provided and you must NOT use your own to avoid cross-contamination! We will also provide safe disposal for these PPE items prior to you leaving the showroom.

Anyone who is unwilling to follow any instructions given will be politely asked to leave the premisses.

Appointments will be available in 1hourly slots and should you wish to have longer, then please select a second slot alongside your 1st slot. Each slot will have a 30-minute setaside after the appointment to allow staff to sanitize the showroom and thoroughly clean the equipment as required before the next customer appointment.

If you show any symptoms of Coronavirus you must not attend the showroom under any circumstances and we may at our discretion refuse your entry or ask you to leave if we suspect you are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus.

We want everyone to have a pleasant visit and choose some great optics whilst at the same time remaining as safe as possible.

Kind Regards #teamfocalpoint

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